In Natural Fresh we believe in power of natural products. With our Natural Essential Oils we are delivering a piece of natural aroma to your life.

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic oils from plant sources. Depending on the particular oil the part of the plant that may be used may be the blossoms, leaves, seeds, root or the wood. Essential oils are a complex of many different chemical components. They can play various role in nature serving plants and allowing them to grow and survive. Essential oil uses include aromatherapy, cosmetics, massage oils, incense, perfumes and air freshening products. Their scents can be very therapeutic and can have differing effects on the mind, emotions and body.

Natural Fresh Essential Oils can refresh everyday life in a simple and natural way. Especially prepared with carrier oils for easy of use. 35 ml bottle contains about 1650 drops of essential oil. The pipette in the kit makes every application very easy.

Instruction of use:

Fragrance oil burner – mix 3-5 drops of Natural Fresh Essential Oil together with water and fill it into the top of an oil burner until it’s ¾ of the way full. Place the burner into safe location. Light the candle at the base of the burner. The mixture will start evaporate in few minutes scenting the room. It’s a great way to make the home smell fresh!

Ultrasonic air freshener – mix up to 5 drops of Natural Fresh Essential Oil together with 100 ml of water and fill it into ultrasonic device. Switch on device. Follow the instructions of the device.

Create your own air freshener – add a few drops of Natural Fresh Essential Oil (you can make mixture of different fragrance) to plastic spray bottle. Shake to mix oil into the water. Now you have your own air freshener!

Scent potpourri – add few drops to your potpourri, That’s it

Scented toilet – pour few drops inside a toilet paper roll and enjoy fresh smell

Vacuum cleaner – pour few drops on vacuum cleaner filter and enjoy fresh vacuuming

Refresh car air freshener – pour few drops on an paper air freshener and refresh it.