Natural scented candle. Long life minimum 50h.

Unique scents for special moments:

  • DIVINE stays for long in your mind and remind the Mediterranean holiday’s atmosphere. It is a deep sweetness of the black grapes complemented with a scent of kiwi;
  • RELAXATION calms and relaxes your senses, adds  a positive energy. It is a combination of delicate beauty of the magnolia flower aroma with fresh apples and grapefruit with a stimulant action of light notes of cucumber;
  • DESERETTA recalls the smile and memories of delicious desserts. It is a brilliant and traditional note of vanilla flavored caramel and biscuit;
  • CLIMATICA makes the magic atmosphere recalling the smell of homemade apple pies. It is the combination of juicy red apples and aromatic groves of cinnamon;
  • BLACK PEARL moves your senses to the garden full of summer flowers and fruits ripening in the sun. It is the combination of hibiscus flower freshness and sweetness of black plums;